Katherine VillaPostdoctoral Associate

Short Biography

As an undergrad I worked in mechanisms of transcriptional regulation using Drosophila as a genetic system, and for my masters I persued my interest in neuroscience by studying circadian rhythms with regard to their retinal and neuronal circuitry. For my PhD work, I am particularly interested in the dynamics and molecular mechanisms of inhibitory synaptic plasticity.


  • Johns Hopkins University, Molecular and Cellular BS, MS
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD

Selected Publications

  • Excitatory and inhibitory synaptic placement and functional implications.
    KL Villa, E Nedivi.
    Dendrites: development and disease. Ed. Kazuo Emoto, Rachel Wong, Eric Huang and Casper Hoogenraad. 2015. In press.
  • Inhibitory synapses are repeatedly assembled and removed at persistent sites in vivo.
    KL Villa, KP Berry, J Subramanian, JW Cha, WC Oh, HB Kwon, PTC So, Y Kubota, E Nedivi.
    In preparation.
  • Clustered Dynamics of Inhibitory Synapses and Dendritic Spines in the Adult Neocortex.
    JL Chen, KL Villa, JW Cha, P So, Y Kubota, E Nedivi.
    Accepted to Neuron Feb 2012.
  • Comparative analysis of the effects of antimuscarinic agents on bladder functions in both non-human primates and rodents.
    H Nagabukuro, KL Villa, LA Wickham, AA Kulick, L Gichuru, M J Donnelly, GO Voronin, T Pereira, X Tong, A Nichols, S Alves, GP O’Neill, CV Johnson, EJ Hickey.
    J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2011 Jul;338(1):220-7. Epub 2011 Apr 1.
  • Correlation between pharmacologically-induced changes in cystometric parameters and spinal c-Fos expression in rats.
    H Nagabukuro, A Degenhardt, KL Villa, SL Mistry, L Gichuru, N Jochnowitz, C Abbadie.
    Auton Neurosci. 2010 Aug 25;156(1-2):19-26. Epub 2010 Mar 24.
  • Rods-cones and melanopsin detect light and dark to modulate sleep independent of image formation.
    CM Altimus, AD Güler, KL Villa, DS McNeill, TA Legates, S Hattar.
    PNAS Dec 16;105(50):19998-20003.